Welcome to the website “GUTE KITA PORTAL”!

The “GUTE KITA PORTAL” by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth offers information about the “GUTE KITA GESETZ” (“Act on good early childhood education and care”) in Germany. It was aimed at pedagogic professionals, local government, parents and anyone responsible for shaping child daycare. The website provides information about the act and how it was implemented in the federal states.

The Act on good early childhood education and care – better quality, fewer fees

The Act on good early childhood education and care wanted to improve the quality of child daycare in Germany. Good, high-quality daycare for children is a joint objective of the federal government, states, municipalities and the service providers. In 2014, a joint quality development process started. In 2016, joint quality objectives were approved by the federal and state governments for the first time in the interim report titled “Developing and Financially Ensuring Early Education” (PDF, 1 MB, not barrier-free). In May 2017, the Youth and Family Ministers’ Conference agreed upon the cornerstones of an Act on quality development in early childhood education and care by a large majority. These formed the basis for the Good Daycare Facilities law. After an initial draft and coordination with the other federal ministries, the Act on good early childhood education and care was passed by the German Bundestag (the national parliament). It entered into force on January 1st, 2019. The act was accompanied by annual monitoring and evaluation.

The government invested 5.5 billion Euros until 2022. Good childcare is created on site. That is why the federal states were given the opportunity to decide for themselves, what exact measures they need – from a good staff-child-ratio to linguistic education. In some federal states families were additionally relieved of fees. The parental contributions are socially staggered nationwide and all child allowance and housing benefit recipients throughout Germany were exempted from the fees.

The 16 federal states have concluded extensive individual agreements with the federal government. This was to ensure that the federal funds arrive at the right place.

Good childcare, best practice

Additional to information about the Act on good early childhood education and care and the steps the federal states were undertaking towards better childcare, the “GUTE KITA PORTAL” features good practice in child daycare. These examples address the topics in the sectors management, teams, miscellaneous other things around daycare centers, as well as childminders. These exciting, useful and entertaining contributions come in various forms – as videos, podcasts, texts and web-seminars. This offering should inspire professionals and support their undertaking towards better childcare in Germany.